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Appvisor: Unlock_ALD as pad-file ...

Unlock_ALD - Makes you independent with your pdf-forms and -documents from Adobe products!

Unlock_ALD unlocks/frees your pdf-forms and all pdf-documents created with Adobe products such as LiveCycle Designer or InDesign!

If pdf-forms and -documents originally created by an Adobe product will be edited and modified later by non-Adobe tools, it is possible that an error message will appear when the form is later opened with Adobe products such as Acrobat Reader:
"This document has enabled advanced features in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The document has been modified since its creation and using advanced features is no longer available. Please contact the author for the original version of this document."
Now this form can no longer be used as a form by e.g. Acrobat Reader. Now it's just a simple document - stripped of its abilities as a form.

There are no such problems if you use Unlock_ALD first!
After converting with Unlock_ALD, a pdf-form created with an Adobe product can be edited with any third-party tool/sdk and still be edited later with Acrobat Reader or other Adobe products without further error messages. By the way, filling out and saving form content with other pdf-tools means already "processing".

As an internal addon, you can use Unlock_ALD to completely reset a pdf-file - even if a main password is set.
A user password can prevent this, but you will rarely find a pdf-file with a user password set ;-)

Unlock_ALD comes along as a console application (cmd-exe) for windows - it can be used with nearly every developer ide (via shell syntax), inside script- and batch-files, manually on the command-line or directly from the explorer context menu via "send to"...
The package contains two versions 32 bBit and 64 bit.

How to use...

  • You can use it manually on the windows command-line.
  • You can use it directly from the explorer context menu via "send to".
  • You can use it inside your bat- and cmd-files.
  • You can use it unvisible inside your applications/programs via shell-syntax.
    After purchasing the unlimited version, you can use it in your published/distributed applications and projects with an unlimited license!

    Would you like to know all the details first? You can read/download the complete documentation (pdf) here:
    documentation (402 kb) Unlock_ALD.pdf...

    Try before you buy...! You can download the testversion from here:
    download (11.359 kb) unlock_ald_testversion_32bit_64bit.zip...

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