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PDF2Image - A dll for your pdf-files... Royalty free!

*Clear options - So easy to use!
Many imagetypes (bmp, jpg, wmf, gif, png, tiff, emf, eps).
*Selecting a special page!
*Insert the dpi-value!

You can develope your own pdf-reader.
PDF2Image and your programming language is all you need!

A testprogram and sample-sources (delphi, vb2008) are included! You can use it with all well known ides (.NET-IDEs, too!).
Try it with Visual Basic, VB2008 Express, VBA, Delphi, C, C++, C#, ...

PDF2Image - The main focus lays on fast success!
A pdffilename, an imagefilename, a pagenumber and a dpi-value ... That's all the dll needs.
To get the pagecount there's an additional function "GetPDFPageCount".

In the test package there are already sample codes for Delphi 2007 and Visual Basic 2008 Express  included. Additionally you can find sample projects for C++ and PowerBuilder on other pages here on the website at "Product-FAQ". 

Shareware- and full version... The differences
The full version works like the shareware-version. The only difference: when the shareware-version of the dll will be used first a window with a shareware note opens - when you click on "OK" the function starts. So you can test the quality of the function. This message don't pop up in the full version! If you've already build applications with the shareware version don't through them away - if you buy the full version you only have to replace the dll (de-/register). That's all!

Have a look in the help-file here:

What you get ordering the full version...
For the dll you get a special test program to work with the dll immediately. A second help-file is included with all necessary informations about the dll and the functions and code samples for delphi and vb.NET. So you'll have fast success! The PDF2Image-dll is a standard-dll - so it's not a problem to work with any other ide/programming language. Please try before you buy and read the helpfile here above first.

What can i do with the module of the full version...
You can distribute this library as a part of your application without any limitation! It's not allowed to distribute the library alone! With your app the library can be distributed without paying anymore... It's royalty free! Buy the dll one time and distribute it as often as you want included in your app.