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PDFform - A dll for your pdf-files... Royalty free!

With this dll you can get the complete formfields with the all main attributes and the values out of your pdf-files.

To do this you can use three ways:
As an automated text-export into a generated csv-file.
As clipboard-content.
As a returning text-string.
You can get single formfield-values, too!
Only Get? No! Set new formfield values works now... for formfields, subformfields... textfields, checkboxes, radiobuttons, listboxes, ...no problem!

You can use it with all well known ides (.NET-IDEs, too!).
Try it with Visual Basic, VBA, Delphi, C, C++, ...
Examples in Delphi, VB6 and VB2005Express are included for a quick start!

All my dlls are working fine with .NET-projects, too! Like always it depends on how you do it. Here is a complete C#-project "ready to run" with the PDFtext.dll included. It's made with Visual C# Express 2008...
PDFtext_CSharp35_project.zip (906 kb)

About installation and working with the dll...
This dll doesn't have an entry point so it's not necessary to register it. Only copying into the system32-directory or in the directory where your application is installed.
If you're using vba (from ms access or excel for example) you should declare the functions as private and not public.
Using .NET-environments (like MS Visual Studio) it's often better (to avoid stack imbalance errors) to change the parameter-types from longinteger to integer.

Shareware- and full version... The differences
The full version works like the shareware-version. When the shareware-version of the dll will be used first a window with a shareware note opens - when you click on "OK" the function starts. So you can test the quality of the function. This message don't pop up in the full version! If you've already build applications with the shareware version don't through them away - if you buy the full version you only have to replace the dll (de-/register). That's all!

Have a look in the help-file here:

What you get ordering the full version...
For the dll you get a special test program. It contains a file dialog and buttons for all functions. A second help-file is included with all necessary informations about the dll and the functions and code samples for delphi and vba/visual basic. Complete delphi- and vb(a)-projects are included, too. So you'll have fast success! The PDFform-dll is a standard-dll - so it's not a problem to work with any other ide/programming language. Please test it.

What can i do with the modules of the full version...
It's for your distributed applications... Commercial apps, too! Not alone... only as an included function library. The functions must be a part of your app - it's not allowed to distribute the libraries alone! With your app the libraries can be distributed without paying anymore... It's royalty free! Buy the dll one time and distribute it as often as you want.