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PDFtext - A dll for your pdf-files... Royalty free!

With this dll you can get the complete text-content out of your pdf-files.

Doing this there are three options:
1. As an automated textexport into a textfile.
2. As clipboard content.
3. As a returning string.
The additional function GetPDFPageCount returns the pagecount of the processed pdf-document!

There are further influencing parameters:
1. Showing a sandclock while processing.
2. Selection of single pages for extraction.
3. Returning hash-values (to check if a document was changed).
4. Textextraction as a word-list.
5. Textextraction with or without position data.
6. Textextraction similar to the original pdf-layout.
7. And more ...

This new version extracts in unicode format (utf8).
The PDFtext.dll comes along in one package with four dll-versions:
1. As 32-bit-dll.
2. As 64-bit-dll.
3. As 32-bit-dll (optimized for .net).
4. As 64-bit-dll (optimized for .net).
The component was completely revised!
The extract routines were speeded up!
The dll-package will be published with four helping guides (for each version) in pdf-format and matching test-applications (32-/64-bit)!

40, 128 or 256 bit ...
RC4 or AES ...
Now the newest pdf-specs will be supported!


The dll is working with all main IDEs and programming languages (VBA, Visual Basic, VB2xxx Express, Delphi, C, C++, VC++, C#, PowerBuilder, ...).

The differences between test- and full version:
The testversion first shows one message screen before the function will be processed.
So you can test the quality of the function. This message don't pop up in the full version! If you've already build applications with the test-version don't throw them away - if you buy the full version you only have to replace the dll. That's all!

How to use the PDFtext.dll in your own applications and solutions:
It's a developer-dll - One dll-licence for one developer. You can distribute the full version of the dll as a part of your application without any limitation! It's not allowed to distribute the library alone! With your app the one time bought library can be distributed without paying anymore... It's royalty free! Buy the dll one time and distribute it as often as you want included in your app.

Still questions? Please have a look into the helping guide(s):
H_PDFtext32.pdf (.net-version)
H_PDFtext64.pdf (.net-version)